Web design

I had to call this page something so I called it web design, but I am not really a web designer. Or developer. Sometimes my brain glazes over while I try to process seemingly arcane technical terms and descriptors. PHP. Apache. CSS. Someone, somewhere, knows what this stuff means. I’m not sure I need to know.

The WordPress.com thing I find pretty easy though – choose a theme (sometimes the hardest bit), sort out your widgets and menus and then…write content. Upload some images, distribute them judiciously and there you have it. A website. Well, it might be slightly more complicated than that, but generally speaking…that’s the process. And you can do it yourself. I mean you, really.

As with most things in life, you have several options (decision fatigue anyone?). Pay web professionals to make you exactly what you want. Because these people are actually web designers and developers, you have to pay them properly and they can make you an awesome website.

If you don’t have the financial capacity to do that, well, you might pay someone like me to make a website with less bells and whistles but that still offers your readers a good experience. Or, you can make one yourself. I can show you how if you have the time and the enthusiasm.

Websites I made
Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival
Foster Arts Music & Drama Association
Leongatha Community House
Manna Gum Community House
Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania
Yarram Community Learning Centre